empty promise for polar bear

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Breaking news: The Bush/Cheney Administration has just listed the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), after four months of delays. Unfortunately, this listing could be an empty gesture, lacking in any meaningful protections for polar bears.

Tell the Bush administration: polar bears need REAL help, not this empty listing!

In his announcement today, Interior Secretary Kempthorne made clear that this listing should not be used to address global warming or habitat loss — the two main factors contributing to the decline of polar bears in the U.S.

This week’s listing is already coming at the eleventh hour for polar bears — these majestic bears can’t wait for another administration. Stand up with Care2 and our partner Defenders of Wildlife to demand REAL protections with a meaningful ESA listing for America’s polar bears!

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Take Action!

With the USGS predicting the demise of Alaska’s bears within 50 years, this decision to list the polar bear is long overdue. But the Bush administration made it clear that it is unwilling to act to address the fundamental causes of global warming.

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  1. SuperSimo ha detto:

    che post lungo…sono sincera, non ho letto..sono troppo cotta, ho gli occhi pallati!!! tipo pesce…come il mo frank!! però volevo farti un salutino!!!! baci baci


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